Hebei Mountain Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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Type of business Production and one-stop procurement of disposable environmentally friendly tableware
Main Market North America, Europe, South America, Pacific, Middle East, Asia
Number of Employees 101-200 People
Annual sales US$0 Million - US$1 Million
Established in 2021

Technology and Production Capacity

  1. Advanced Production Equipment:

    • We possess leading production lines equipped with advanced machinery and automation technology to ensure efficient and stable production capacity.

    • All equipment in the factory meets stringent quality standards, ensuring that our products meet the demands of the international market.

  2. Research and Development Capabilities:

    • Our dedicated R&D team continuously innovates and optimizes the production process of sugarcane bagasse tableware.

    • The company collaborates with research institutions to develop new eco-friendly materials and products, maintaining a technological edge.

  3. Production Scale:

    • Our factory spans 53333 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 30000 tons of sugarcane bagasse tableware, capable of fulfilling large orders.


Quality Control

  1. Strict Quality Management System:

    • We have obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification, with rigorous quality control processes from raw material procurement to production and finished product inspection.

    • The factory has an independent quality testing laboratory equipped with advanced testing instruments to ensure that each batch of products meets international standards.

  2. Environmental and Safety Standards:

    • All our products comply with international food safety standards such as FDA and LFGB, ensuring safety and non-toxicity.

    • Our sugarcane bagasse tableware has received environmental certifications from regions like the EU and North America, truly achieving pollution-free and biodegradable standards.



Environmental and Social Responsibility

  1. Environmental Philosophy:

    • We are committed to producing 100% biodegradable eco-friendly tableware to reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment.

    • The factory implements various environmental measures, such as energy recovery and water resource recycling, to minimize the impact of production on the environment.

  2. Social Responsibility:

    • The company actively participates in local community building and public welfare activities, promoting sustainable development.

    • We provide a good working environment and benefits for our employees, ensuring their health and safety.


Product Competitiveness

  1. Diversified Product Line:

    • We offer a wide range of sugarcane bagasse tableware in various specifications and styles to meet the needs of different markets and customers, including plates, boxes, cups, and cutlery.

    • Our products feature stylish designs and practical functions, suitable for various dining venues.

  2. Outstanding Cost-Effectiveness:

    • While ensuring high quality, we offer competitive prices through optimized production processes and economies of scale.

    • Long-term stable supply capacity and flexible production arrangements ensure timely delivery and meet diverse customer needs.

  3. Customer Satisfaction:

    • Our products have been exported to Europe, the Americas, Asia, and other regions, receiving widespread acclaim.

    • A professional customer service team provides full tracking services from order confirmation to after-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction.


We believe that through continuous innovation and strict management, our sugarcane bagasse tableware can not only meet the global demand for eco-friendly tableware but also bring significant commercial value to our customers. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and jointly contributing to environmental protection.

For more information or business inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information:

  • Phone:+86-18833276530

  • Email: credit@mountainhb.com

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