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The production process of Hebei Mountain Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s sugarcane bagasse tableware factory is renowned for its efficiency and eco-friendliness. Here is a detailed outline of our sugarcane bagasse tableware production process:

1. Raw Material Processing

  • Crushing and Mixing: Crush the dried bagasse pulp sheet into fine particles and mix it with a suitable amount of water and other natural binders to form a homogeneous pulp.

  • Pulp Treatment: Dehydrate the pulp to achieve the desired moisture content and viscosity for molding.

2. Molding

  • Mold Preparation: Prepare molds according to product designs.

  • Compression Molding: Inject the processed pulp into molds and compress it under high temperature and pressure to form various shapes of tableware such as plates, bowls, and cups.

3. Drying and Curing

  • Initial Drying: Place the molded tableware in drying equipment for preliminary drying to remove excess moisture.

  • Curing Treatment: Subject the preliminarily dried tableware to secondary curing treatment to enhance its strength and durability.

4. Surface Treatment

  • Trimming and Polishing: Trim and polish the cured tableware to ensure smooth surfaces without burrs.

5. Quality Control

  • Quality Inspection: Conduct rigorous quality inspections on the produced tableware to ensure compliance with environmental and food safety standards.

  • Pre-Packaging Inspection: Perform final inspections on the tableware before packaging to ensure no defects.

6. Packaging and Storage

  • Packaging: Packaging in accordance with customer requirements

  • Warehousing Management: Categorize and store packaged tableware by type and batch for order processing.

7. Shipping and Distribution

  • Order Processing: Arrange shipments based on customer orders.

  • Logistics Distribution: Opt for eco-efficient logistics methods to safely and promptly deliver the products to customers.


From raw material collection to final product shipment, Hebei Mountain Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s sugarcane bagasse tableware production process meticulously controls each step to ensure the production of high-quality eco-friendly tableware. Our process is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, aiming to provide customers with premium green products.

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