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A Double Harvest of Environmental Protection and Practicality

As an integral part of the catering industry, the selection of tableware is crucial for both operational efficiency and user experience. As an operator dedicated to the catering industry, we have always been committed to finding and promoting more environmentally friendly and practical tableware to meet customer needs and enhance user experience.

In the past, the commonly used bagasse meal trays in the catering industry, despite being environmentally friendly, posed certain operational inconveniences for businesses due to food sticking to the tray after prolonged exposure. Additionally, they were prone to damage during transportation, reducing their lifespan and increasing costs. To address these issues, the disposable bagasse coated meal tray emerged.

 This new type of tray employs a special coating technology that effectively prevents food from sticking to the tray, making operations for businesses more convenient and efficient. Simultaneously, its material is thicker and sturdier, less prone to damage, and can withstand greater pressure during transportation, thus extending the product's lifespan and reducing costs. Importantly, this tray utilizes fluorine-free materials, ensuring safety and reliability, meeting consumer demands for food safety.

 Businesses have responded very positively to this new type of tray. They widely choose to replace ordinary bagasse tableware to improve operational efficiency. The tray's durability also gives businesses more confidence during transportation, reducing costs. Furthermore, consumers have recognized the environmental attributes of this tray, with its 90-day biodegradation period aligning with modern society's pursuit of environmental protection.

 The introduction of the disposable bagasse coated meal tray not only solves the problem of food sticking due to prolonged exposure but also enhances the tray's durability and environmental friendliness, bringing more convenience to businesses. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the principle of high cost-effectiveness, support custom mold development to meet the diverse needs of different businesses, and promote the catering industry towards a more environmentally friendly and practical direction.

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