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Eco-Friendly 10-Inch Bagasse Plates


GreenWave Restaurant is a well-known vegetarian restaurant located in San Francisco, USA. It is committed to providing a healthy, delicious, and environmentally friendly dining experience. To further enhance its environmental measures and reduce the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials, GreenWave Restaurant decided to switch to biodegradable and eco-friendly tableware.


GreenWave Restaurant was looking for eco-friendly plates that met the following criteria:

  • 100% biodegradable and made from environmentally friendly materials

  • High strength and heat resistance for everyday use

  • Aesthetic appeal suitable for the restaurant's upscale image

After conducting market research, GreenWave Restaurant found that our factory's 10-inch bagasse plates perfectly matched their needs.

Cooperation Process

  1. Initial Contact

    • GreenWave Restaurant learned about our products through our website and reached out to express their interest in purchasing. Both parties discussed product specifications, environmental features, and usage scenarios in detail via email and video conferencing.

  2. Sample Confirmation

    • We sent a batch of 10-inch bagasse plates to GreenWave Restaurant for testing in their actual operations. The restaurant conducted comprehensive tests on the samples, including heat resistance, strength, appearance, and performance in everyday use.

    • The results were very satisfactory. GreenWave Restaurant confirmed that our bagasse plates were not only eco-friendly but also performed excellently during use, fully meeting their requirements.

  3. Price and Contract Negotiation

    • After confirming that the samples met their needs, both parties began discussing prices, supply schedules, and contract terms. We offered GreenWave Restaurant a competitive quote and assured a stable supply.

    • After several rounds of negotiations, both parties reached an agreement and signed a long-term supply contract. The contract specified the quantity, delivery schedule, payment methods, and other details.

  4. Formal Procurement and Supply

    • According to the contract, we began production and supply as scheduled. The first order included 5,000 10-inch bagasse plates, with regular replenishment based on the restaurant’s needs.

    • We also provided logistics and after-sales services to ensure that any issues encountered during use could be promptly resolved.

Results and Feedback

By using our 10-inch bagasse plates, GreenWave Restaurant not only enhanced its environmental image but also received positive feedback from customers. Customers appreciated the restaurant's move towards using eco-friendly tableware, considering it a significant step towards sustainable development.

Jane Doe, the restaurant manager, stated, "Choosing to use biodegradable bagasse plates aligns with our environmental philosophy and provides a better dining experience for our customers. Thank you to your company for providing such high-quality products and services!"


This cooperation case demonstrates how our factory provides high-quality eco-friendly tableware, helping international clients achieve their environmental goals and enhance their brand image. The successful partnership with GreenWave Restaurant also further establishes our competitive advantage in the international market.

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